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Brad Sinkler family

John S. Raschke:
I am the Brad Sinkler from Sullivan, IL. I've reached a point of further
investigation with the knowledge of Bastro and Isaac. I know for a fact
that there was an Isaac Sinclair who married Anna Edwards in March, 1843 in
Martin County, IN. I am assuming this is how the Edwards Estate came into
being. I believe my brother Robert Allen Sinkler (who is currently in
Bosnia)  has talked to you about this estate. He, like you, believe that
Bastro Sinkler was Joseph's father. Do you know who Bastro was married to?
Our paths have crossed before because I too was a member of the Guard. Your
name sounds familiar but I can't remember where I met you. I was the
commander of the 1544th Trans. Co. during Desert Storm. Any info you have
on Bastro would be appreciated.

                                                        Brad Sinkler