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Re: Sinclair discussion list

Paul Sinclair wrote:
> Digest mode simply means that instead of getting each message to
> the list individually, you would get one message from the list
> each day. The one daily message includes all messages received
> by the list for that day. So if 10 messages are sent to the list
> on a particular day, instead of receiving 10 separate messages
> you would receive just one message. Some people like this method
> of delivery for mailing lists with high message traffic.
> Paul Sinclair
> --- Original Message of rupreed (06:39 AM 3/9/98 -0600)---
> >i guess i don't know what a digest is or what the advantage
> would be.
> >could someone explain that?
> >
> >thanks
> >deb reed
> >
I just deleted 15 Sinclairs from the list today. Since you don't have a
disgest mode and since I am not getting anything out of this list I'll
just have to sign off.
Bob Stevens
"If a Tree doesn't have DEEP ROOTS it is easily blown over by a Strong