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Re: John Bean - Elizabeth his dau.

Hello Kimmy,

Do you know about Leonard Allison Morrison's "The History of the Sinclair
Family in Europe and America"? That book has a chapter (VI) given to "John
Sinkler of Exeter, N.H. and His Descendants." Included in that chapter is a
section on John Sinkler, Jr., including brief info on Elizabeth, his wife,
and a list of their children: John (1708), Samuel (1709), Abigail (1710),
Margaret (1712), and Elizabeth (1713).
If you can't locate the book, I can send you photocopies of these pages.  

I, too, trace back to this marriage through Samuel (1709) and Sarah Matoon.
 And so I also am interested in the Bean family, but have so far made very
little progress.  Perhaps others out there on this discussion list could
share some good sources of info concerning the Beans?  Was John Bean also
from Scotland? If so, where exactly? Was he also a Battle of Worcester
prisoner? (And as for that, has anyone made progress on Rand Greubel's
interesting challenge to the whole Worcester/John Sinkler tradition?)
But that's another story, I guess.  Just thought I would take this
opportunity to see if anyone else is at work on this problem.

Best wishes Kimmy.  Let the list know what you find, okay?

Dave Gaskill
Auburn, Alabama

> From: Kimmy Lavoie <kalahan@ncia.net>
> To: sinclair@zilker.net
> Subject: John Bean - Elizabeth his dau.
> Date: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 4:10 AM
> Hi,
> I am seeking any information about John Bean of Exeter, NH.  He was John
> Sinclair's (1) best friend.   I am also interested in John Sinclair (2)
> b. 1668 who married Elizabeth Bean b. 9-24-1678 (John Bean's daughter).
> They married in 1699.  I'm sure that someone had information about this
> union and their children.
>     Thank you !
>     Kimmy Bean Lavoie