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Re: Old Picture

Hello all you Sinclairs out there!

Just a reminder of the Clan Sinclair (Canada) Annual Winter Gathering this Sunday in Toronto - 162 St. George St. Toronto at 12:30 for 1 p.m. luncheon.
(contact Rory Sinclair (416 - 966-1523))
Speaking of which - my husband broke his leg a couple of weeks ago and can't go.
Therefore, I have one free ticket - NO STRINGS ATTACHED !! If Cameron, of the University of Guelph wants it, he has first chance, since he's a student.  But,
he might be off for Reading Week, in which case he might get this message too late.  I'll save it for him till 3 p.m., Saturday (tomorrow), Otherwise I'll give it to the next person who replies.  It should be very interesting with the focus being  on the 600th Celebration in Nova Scotia.  I hope to hear from someone!  Scots don't believe in waste.

I understand that the Sinclair war cry was "Cruachan".  Can anyone confirm or deny that?  Maybe we could use it as a name for this Email site.

All the best.  Toni