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Re[2]: Sinclair book

     In the genealogy world, Halbert' is known as a BAD PENNY.  They have been 
     taken to court, so many times, that it's not funny.  They have taken over 
     the name Burk's Peerages (which books had a find reputation, but the 
     company went bankrupt) so that they may legit themselves.
     The books are find if you have a very unusual name, but not if you have a 
     common name.  The list is made up from telephone directories.
     You can make up the same kind of book on SINCLAIR without costing you 
     anything.  Just use the internet.  There are many SINCLAIR Web sites that 
     tell the history of SINCLAIR & many that carry the SINCLAIR graphics (e.g. 
     coats of arms, badge, etc.).  Also telephone directory web sites to down 
     load SINCLAIR names.
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_________________________________ Subject: Re: Sinclair book
Author:  richwall@diac.com at INTERNET Date:    1/22/98 10:48 PM

I got one on WALL, similar pitch.
Look for small print saying "Halbert's" someplace in Ohio.
It apparently is a list you can get off of a telephone search on the 

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Date: Thursday, January 22, 1998 7:30 PM Subject: Sinclair book

>Hello, all:
>This might be a co-incidence, but in the mail today, we received an 
amazing offer for a book called "the New World Book of Sinclairs", 
only $39.95.  It purports  to have used hard-to-find Sinclair 
immigration info, obtained from  ship's records, gen. registers, and 
other official records. "Each Sinclair Directory is virtually handmade 
to order, and is illustrated in full colour.  Please note, however, 
that this Heirloom Edition is expected to be the only printing of the 
Sinclair book ever."
>Sounds good.  However, The crest above the Sinclair name on the 
letter head is not one we're familiar with, there is a "family" 
snapshot with a crested plate in the background, yet again different, 
and finally it is  signed "Sincerely,
>(for) Paul T. Sinclair i.a."
>Has anyone else been offered this book?  Do you think it's 
legitimate?  I'd be interested to hear from any of you.  All the best,