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Re: Sinclair book

>This might be a co-incidence, but in the mail today, we received an amazing of
>fer for a book called "the New World Book of Sinclairs", only $39.95.

Is it from Halberts, in Bath, Ohio?
If so, that's the same company that's been cranking out worthless
books for numerous surnames for years.

One of our relatives bought the Quarterman one just to see what it was,
and it was basically lists of people culled from telephone books,
plus some generic genealogical information, and a few random genealogical
records from public archives.  We found this somewhat annoying, since we
were working on a real Quarterman book,

There are numerous real books about the Sinclairs, of course; see

Of course, I could be guessing wrong; what you saw advertised could
be something else.

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