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Re: Joseph Sinclair and Rebecca Herman

I do not have any information on your GGGgrandparents but will keep the
details on my file just in case I hear of someone else who is similarly
looking for same.
> From: Gail H. Mottola, DMA <lfghm@norfolk.infi.net and lfghm@ibm.net>
> To: sinclair@zilker.net
> Subject: Joseph Sinclair and Rebecca Herman
> Date: Sunday, 18 January 1998 17:40
> These persons are my GGGgrandparents possibly located in Roundout,
Kingston or Rosendale NY. They had two daughters, Caroline (m. Hewitt Boice
known in NY as "The Bluestone King") and Virginia (m. Pratt Shurter of
Olive, NY).
> Anyone have information of Joseph?  Thanks!