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Re: Sinclair family

When Sinclair Oswald responded to my request to print his address on
this list, he included the following query:

"I am looking for descendants of the brother of John William Sinclair
(1777-1849), name unknown.  He is known to have been living with his own
family in New York City about 1847-1848.  Nothing further is known about

A brief sketch of John William Sinclair's family:

John William Sinclair b. Wick (?), Caithness, Scotland, March 1777, d.
Fayette Twp., Hillsdale County, Michigan, May 31, 1849. Int. Sunset View
Cemetery, Jonesville, Michican, m. Parish of Barony, City of Glasgow,
County of Lanark, Scotland, Jan. 14, 1803 Mary Graham b. Bolton,
Lancashire, England, July 21, 1781, d. New York Mills, N.Y., 1867. 
After the death of her husband she went to live with her daughter, Agnes
Campbell in New York Mills.  The December 1850 Michigan census shows her
still living in Fayette Twp. with her daughter, Mary Whitten. Int.
Glenside Cemetery, New York Mills, N.Y., on Samuel Campbell lot.

John was a weaver and they had eleven children.  The first nine were
born in Glasgow, Scotland.  In 1821, the family emmigrated to New York
City where they lived for a time.  In 1822 they moved to Utica, NY,
where, over the years, they lived in one or another of the surrounding
villages.  Their last two children were born here."

He then listed the eleven children with brief data about each.  If that
data would help, I will share it as well.