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Re: Old Picture

Hi Toni, Might I suggest your problem is that your mac can't read that file
format. I have converted the picture to a .tif format which you should now
be able to see. Hope to see you in Feb. Brian Sinclair

At 12:10 PM 16/01/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>Hi all:  I'm dying to see this photo, but it doesn't appear here.  Could
it be  because I have a MacIntosh?  If you have an answer, please try to
keep it simple
>to match my knowledge (almost zilch!)    
>For those of you interested in the Clan Sinclair Assoc. gathering in
Toronto, Canada on February 22, the Secretary is:  Rory Sinclair, 133 Major
St., Toronto
>M5S 2K9  Tel (416)966-1523,  Fax (416)966-1587 (He's not on line yet, but
I'm working on that!)
>I hope I'll meet some of you there!
>Toni S.


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