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Re: Sinclair links

February 22nd sounds like a fun day. Please send further information.
In response to your inquiry we are researching Prince Edward Island.
Your reference is a new and good one.
Neil Sinclair
Antonia Sinclair wrote:

> Hello, to all Sinclairs, especially Canadian ones, especially Cameron,
> Wanda and
> Neil.
> Cameron:  Do you know if your ancestors came to Canada before
> Confederation?  I
> have Donald Whyte's "Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before
> Confederation" Volumes 1 & 2.  I could look them up if I have a name,
> or even a
> location if you know where they settled.
> Neil and Wanda:  Which branches are you researching?  I have some
> details on Sinclairs who settled around Boston Mills, Peel County. and
> Fenelon and Eldon County, Victoria County.  Do you have anything on
> Sinclairs who came from the Isle of Islay (also Argyll and Campbell
> territory),  I am currently working on the microfilm of the parish of
> Bowmore (#536), which is where many Sinclairs
> lived for only about 40 or 50 years, then all left.  We are assuming
> that they
> came down from the north after the clearances, but we'll check that
> out more carefully after the Islay and Fenelon research is complete.
> to All:    The Clan Sinclair Assoc. of Canada is holding its annual
> Winter Gathering in Toronto on Sunday, February 22 at 12:30 p.m.  If
> anyone is interested I could provide more information.  The program
> includes
>    - details of plans for the 600th celebration in Nova Scotia
>    - video of the Sinclair Symposium in Orkney (Sept. 97)
> There are also several books, videos, and Sinclair peraphernalia
> available.
> Keep in touch!
> Toni Sinclair