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Re: Sinclair listing what list?

Hi Paul,
	My great grandfather George Sinclair and his brother Dudley cme west and
settled in Byron MN. Their father Adoniram Sinclair farmed in New Lisbon
Maine, His father also Adoniram also from New lisbon.  Yes I guess we are
				Happy New Year Cousin!

> From: Paul Sinclair <sinclair@kingcrest.com>
> To: sinclair@zilker.net
> Subject: Re: Sinclair listing what list?
> Date: Monday, December 29, 1997 9:41 AM
> --- Original Message of David & Gloria Bouschor (11:26 AM 12/26/97
> -0600)---
> >My ancestor in America is John Sinkler
> >of Exeter New Hampshire.  A descendant George and Dudley Sinclair,
> sons of
> >Adoniram Sinclair of New Lisbon Maine, came to Minnesota.  My line is
> >George who was my great grandfather.  Thanks for your efforts!
> David,
> I was interested to see your post to this new Sinclair mailing list.
> I am also descended from John Sinkler of Exeter so I guess that makes
> us cousins of some sort or other. If you figure out the exact
> relation, let me know!
> I received some interesting information on John Sinkler from a Rand
> Greubel of Colorado who has researched several sources on him. If you
> are interested, Rand authorized me to put a brief essay on his
> research at http://kingcrest.com/sinclair/johnsinkler.html-ssi. If
> you get a chance to look at that and have any additional information
> on John, let us know here on the list. 
> Regards,
> Paul Sinclair